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The Effect of Using Educational Software During Social Studies Courses on Students’ Academic Success: A Case of Morpa Kampus

The purpose of this study is to display the effect of using Morpa Kampüs educational software during social studies lesson on students’ success and the thoughts of students related to this software.Quantitative and qualitative research methods were used at the study. Pre-test and late-test controlled group experimental pattern formed the model of the study on the quantitative part of the study. The study was practiced on two groups; the control group and the experimental group. There are 19 students in the experimental group and 21 students in the control group. Morpa Kampüs software was used during the lessons with the experimental group. The lessons were practiced with course books with traditional methods in the control group. A late-test was practiced on both groups after a five-week lesson period. The interview method was used on the qualitative part of the study. The thoughts of experimental group students on Morpa Kampüs education software was taken by using interview paper. 6 open-ended questions were asked to the students. The scope of the study is the secondary school students in the Turhal town of Tokat city in Turkey. The sample is the 5th grade students in Gaziosmanpaşa secondary school in Turhal town of Tokat city. Purposed sampling method of sampling methods not based on probability was used while choosing the sampling. SPSS 23.0 (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) program was used while analyzing the data of the quantitative part of the study. At the qualitative stage of the study, the data taken from the interviews with the experiment group was classified after they were controlled. The data was analysed with descriptive analyses method. When the late-test scores of the experimental group in which the Morpa Kampüs education software was used and the control group in which the course book was used were compared, a significant diversity was seen in favour of the experiment group. This result is the proof of that using computer software during lessons gives better results than the course book based traditional methods. Moreover, according to the results of the qualitative part of the study students develop a positive attitude to the usage of the educational software during the social studies lessons.

Social Studies, Education Software, Morpa Kampus, Teaching Social Studies


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