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Investigation of Social Studies Teachers' Opinions on the Use of Social Media in Education

The aim of this research is to reveal Social Studies teachers` views about the use of social media in educational processes. For this reason, content analyzing method, one of the qualitative methods, was used in this research. In analyzing the qualitative datas, the MAXQDA 12 programme was used. There search group consists of 30 Social Studies teachers who became members of the facebook group “The Coterie of Turkey Social Studies Teachers”, in the academic year of 2014-2015. An online semi-structured form which had open-ended questions were adressed to these Social Sciences teachers to determine their views about theuse of social media for educational purposes. When the teachers` views about theuse of social media in educational processes were analyzed, it was seen that they stated that Social Studies teachers, students and most of the teachers used social media and it was the essential of life, students could use it for educational purposes instead of wasting their time in social media, and it would increase the effectiveness of education. It was also stated that social media could keep students` attentions alive during the lesson. They expressed that giving examples by taking advantage of the posts shared in social media would be positive to redirect students` attentions to the lesson when they were distracted. With social media which is a great part of students` life, almost all children and young people use, the communication between student and teacher can be improved. According to the views in this aspect, the communication between the teacher and the student can get out of the school walls and educational processes, and a more comfortable communication environment can be created. Intheview of these finding sobtained from there search, suggestions about the use of social media in education and about the studies which will be done in the future time have been offered.

Social media, teachers, social networks, education, social studies.


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