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Students' Opinions Towards Use of Historical Novel in Teaching of Social Studies

The aim of this research is to examine student views on the use of historical novels in the teaching of Social Studies. Document examination method was used in the research. The sample of the research consists of eight students from four different classes who are studying in the seventh grade of a public school in the city center of Sivas. The research began with a creative writing work done by students in social studies class. After students read historical novels, the second study was obtained from these studies were scored with the help of rubrik developed by Öztürk (2007). The data were analyzed by descriptive analysis method and student opinions were coded under various categories. As a result of the research, it has been determined that the students who want to use historical novels in their lessons, novels with different fiction styles develop different aspects by teaching different things to the students.

Students’ Opinions, Social Studies, Historical Novel,


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