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Development of Syndicate Satisfaction Scale By Structural Equation Modeling: A Sample of Sivas Province

Abstract The aim of this study is to develop the syndicate satisfaction scale which will specify the satisfaction degrees of syndicate members towards the syndicate itself. With this scale, it is expected to lead those who serves in order to increase the satisfaction of this syndicate by determining the problems related to the syndicate satisfaction. The syndicate members of Eğitim Birsen, who existed in Sivas in 2017, constitute the study group of this research. The survey was applied to 172 members reachable. The survey is in the type of 27 items and 5-Likert-scale. The datas where analyzed with SPSS 23 (AMOS23) package programme. In the reliability test done, cronebach alpha rate was found out as 0,801. For the structural validity, the foremost analyze was made to explanatory factor and for the distinctive reliability, the analyze of confirmatory factor was done. The performed Bartlett test concluded as meaningful. The scale was composed of 4 factors including 16 questions. It was identified that 4 factors showing up in the analysis results according to these findings, is explaining approximately 60,744% of variance belonging to the main structure together. According to the confirmatory factor in analysis; it is determined that model harmony has played along with the datas in a perfect way to the adaptive values. The developments of this study's content and extensification of it country-wide are of significance with regard to getting a more qualified scale.

Structural Equation Modeling, Syndicate Scale, Syndicate Satisfaction


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