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Prayer Choice as an Alternative Treatment method of Cancer Patients

Up to the 20th century, modern medicine and alternative medicine rejected each other. these two approaches came to question each other peacefully. Prayer, which is an alternative treatment method and accepted as the most frequently used method among alternative treatment methods, constitutes the subject of research. This research was conducted in order to determine the tendency of prayers of cancer patients who received chemotherapy treatment. The study group of study consisted of 14 cancer patients who received chemotherapy treatment at Ankara Oncology Hospital and were between 18-60 years of age. In the acquisition of the data, interview form consisting of 8 open-ended questions prepared by the researcher was used. As a result of the researches in which the data were evaluated by content analysis, patients frequently resorted to the prayer phenomenon as the method of coping with the disease during chemotherapy, and it was seen that the heading was increased during the treatment. It is thought that the results of the research will contribute in terms of guiding the spiritual support units that are formed / formed in the hospitals.

Key Words: Prayer, cancer, treatment


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